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Lucky Cubes

Current Version: 3.0

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How to upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0


A fun game where you can open Cubes and get coins! It’s really just an endless cycle, full of proof-of-concepts. Constantly updated, so be on the lookout!

How to Play

1) Run the Program pgrmLUCKCUBE

2) Select New Game or Load Game.

3) Navigate using menus.

4) Enjoy.

Variables that will be Used

Variable Use
A Used to store something.
B Used to store something.
E Used to store error codes.
J Used to check data.
K Used to store keystroke data.
L Used to see if you got a lucky cube.
N Used to see coins collected.
P Used to store something.
S Used to store something.
T Used to see coins found.
U Used to store coins found.
List LCGM (created on first startup) Used to store all items.


Version Short Description
3.0 Way too many things, check the changelog.
2.0 Revamped everything, same program, new look.
1.1 Rewrote opening cubes, can now select things.
1.0 Initial Release

Coming Soon:

Nothing! I just released a big update, check it out!