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Welcome to Ti84 Programs

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Here, you’ll find a wide assortment of games and useful utilities for your calculator!
Here are all of my programs listed below, click on the program name to see more info!

How to install the programs

Name Short Description
8ball An 8ball for your calculator!
AllVars List your variables and see what equals what!
BossBattle A proof-of-concept where you can fight a “boss” and set its difficulty!
Guess the Number Self-explanatory, generates a number 0-9 and you, ahem, guess the number.
Lucky Cubes A fun game where you can open Cubes and get coins!
Math Utilities Find math formulas, easy and simple.
Set FIX A lazy way to set the “Fix” of calculator. Don’t know what Fix is? Oh.
DayOfWeek Using the dayofwk( function, it checks to see what day of the week a specified day is.
Timer A timer, on your CALCULATOR??