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Day of Week

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A utility program. Type in a year, month, and day, the calculator will output the day of the week for that day!

Current Version: 3.1

How to Run

1) Run the Program pgrmDAYOFWK

2) Enter Year, Month, and Day (In Numbers)

3) Calculator will show the day of the week the date entered is.

Variables that will be Used

Variable Use
A Used to store Year
B Used to store Month
C Used to store Day
D Used to store date output.
J Used to check if year is leap year.
K Used to check if year is leap year.


Version Short Description
3.1 Various improvements
3.0 Rewrote again, a mess rather now clean.
2.0 Rewrote most of it, now you can select more than day 12!
1.0 Initial Release

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