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Boss Battle

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BossBattle is a simple proof of concept that allows you to essentially “fight” a boss. It uses Menus, and is really easy to play.

Current Version: 1.1

How to Play

1) Run the Program pgrmBOSSBATT.

2) Select difficulty using the menu.

3) Press enter to attack, or skip a turn.

4) Repeat Step 3 until you win or lose.

GIF Example


Variables that will be Used

Variable Use
B Used to store Boss Health.
E Used to set max damage by.
H Used to store Player Health.
N Used to calculate output location (Boss Health).
O Used to calculate output location (Player Health).


Version Short Description
1.1 New Skip a Turn option!
1.0 Rewrote everything (not because I accidentally deleted it) and prettied it up.
b 1.1 Rewrote some minor things, new difficulty.
b 1.0 New Difficulty.
b 0.1 Initial Release.

Coming Soon:

Other options, instead of just “Attack” and “Skip a turn”.